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Without A Doubt
What are the big questions that intersect between life and faith? In this series, we make sense of some of the faith questions we often get hung up on.

Part 1: How Can Anyone Know God Exists? // Proverbs 22
Part 2: Arent' All Religions The Same? // Acts 4
Part 3: Why Did Jesus Have to Die? // No Video
Part 4: Did Jesus Really Resurrect? // No Video
Part 5: What Do I Do With Doubt? // Matthew 13
Missions Emphasis Month
In November, we pause to shine a spotlight on Domestic and International Missions. At Immanuel we seek to carry the gospel across the street to our neighbors and across the globe to the nations.

Part 1: WMU Missions Spotlight
Part 2: Discussion with Missionary Tim Louderback
Part 3: Rev. Richard Weeks // Matthew 25
Part 4: Dr. Scott Hildreth // Luke 15
Advent: Christmas at Immanuel
Christmas is a special time because the world pauses in celebration of the birth of Christ.  Advent: Christmas at Immanuel was a series looking at biblical themes that we realized at the manger when Christ was born.

Part 1: Light // John 8
Part 2: Peace // Psalm 97
Part 3: Joy // Psalm 98
Part 4: Love // Luke 2
Part 5: Christmas Eve: Christ // Genesis 46
Come Into
The Book of Psalms is about worship, and worship is about God's people coming into God's presence with prayer, praise, petition. How does this affect the way we view our participation in the body of Christ?

Part 1: Gather // Psalm 100
Part 2: Gladness // Psalm 122
Part 3: Gravity // Psalm 86, Mark 13
Part 4: Gratitude // Psalm 106
The Book of Jonah is about a heroic prophet who reluctantly became a cowardly missionary. Jonah shows us our capacity to rebel against God's good plan for our lives and his heart for the lost.

Part 1: We Are All Jonah // Jonah 1
Part 2: We Have Been Rescued // Jonah 2
Part 3: God's Heart For The Nations // Jonah 3
Part 4: A Disconnected Heart // Jonah 4
Part 5: The Point of Jonah // Matthew 12
The 80's
In this sermon series, we're having a little fun and throwing it back to The 80's.  The 80's was a time of growth, with new techonologies, movies, tv shows, and music.  In this series we look at Psalm 80-89 to see what God uses in our lives to grow us spiritually.

Part 1: The God of Hope // Psalm 80
Part 2: The God of Worship // Psalm 81
Part 3: The God of Rescue // Psalm 82
Part 4: The God of Justice // Psalm 83
Part 5: The God of Eternity // Psalm 84
Part 6: The God of Revival // Psalm 85